Grooming Nightmares

When we started The Gents Club, we wanted to create more than just an e-commerce store that brought you great products at a low cost but rather we wanted to create a platform for everyday South African men to figure out the crazy world of grooming together. So without any further adieu, I give to one of our team members' (we'll leave them anonymous for now) grooming nightmare of the month. 

"A few weeks ago I managed to, by the grace of God, get a date with a girl who was well out of my league but nonetheless I went into it with full optimism.  Getting way ahead of myself, I decided it was time to dust off the old trimmers and give the pubic garden a tending to. With surgeon-like precision, I cleaned up pretty well but as is always the case, I wanted more. Specifically, I wanted to get rid of the two or maybe three stubborn hairs which had decided to invade the bottom of my shaft.  With greed in my heart and a shaky hand, I knicked myself in a region where no man ever wants to be knicked.

Attempting not to pass out, I managed to control the bleeding with some pressure and some wet toilet paper. Fascinated by the sheer amount of blood that came out of a below average sized vein, I reached out to the ever-reliable internet in search of answers, and as it turns out this is a very regular occurrence. What is important is that the pubic region is one which is ideal for the spread of infection, so I fully recommend cleaning any cuts to your manhood with a good disinfectant and if you are to engage in any kind of intercourse make sure you use a condom as open cuts provide a breeding ground for sexually transmitted diseases to spread. As embarrassed as I was at the time, I'm glad I lived to share the story."

We can't verify all the facts of this story, especially the part about him securing a date, but, the moral of the story is, be content with imperfections, and stay safe out their gents!

Share your worst grooming nightmares with us, the best/worst grooming story and stand the chance to be the lucky winner of a TGC Grooming Kit as well as a feature on our page!

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