Getting Groomed for The South African Summer with Ryan Botha

We recently spent some time with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Ryan Botha and got a chance to understand what it takes to be well groomed, in shape and most of all always pushing to reach new heights.  

To give you all a little background, Ryan is a former professional soccer player, playing locally for the likes of SuperSport United, Morocco Swallows and representing the SA squad at the Olympic qualifiers. With his pro days behind him, Ryan's not just your average guy, often featuring shirtless on the covers of Men’s Health and running his gym- Point Break Cape Town, where he spends his time to get the rest of us in shape.

So as It’s now that time of the year when it's time for the winter cavemen to come out, as usual, there are many of us who regret eating and drinking our way through winter, but don't stress it's only spring which means you still have time to get that summer body ready. We know the hardest part is starting and finding the motivation to keep consistent and focused.

In between being a personal trainer, a professional model (Don’t let your wives see these photos) and a proud dad to his English Bulldog Harper, we caught up with Ryan to ask him a few questions to motivate our members before their big summer detox or deciding to go full in with the dad bod look.

Dylan: If calories were not a factor, what would you eat every day?

Ryan: I would destroy lasagna, hot dogs, vanilla custard and chocolate milkshakes all day hahaha.

Dylan: Let’s say you won the R145 Million Jackpot in the recent Lotto draw, what would you do with the money?

Ryan: Firstly, I’d  set up a massive farm for dogs that my mom would run. She is an animal lover as much as I am and hates seeing dogs being mistreated. I would then settle all my families debts so my parents and brother would be debt free. After that I would buy a local professional football club and set up a proper development program to help our youngsters achieve aspirations of playing abroad.

Dylan: You’ve got 15 minutes to get ready in the morning- what your go to grooming routine?

Ryan: Face wash, facial moisturizer, toothbrush, deodorant and cologne

Dylan: So what motivates you, what keeps you from eating lasagne all day?

Ryan: To always better myself and never allow a wasted second.

Check out Ryan’s Instagram page for more info on his gym and a few extra motivators for getting that summer body your partner has always dreamed of. Regardless of whether you’re going full dad bod or getting into shape this summer, make sure you’re well groomed and confident! A small spray of The Maverick or a quick shave can go a long way between being on the cover of Men’s Health or not, just ask Ryan!

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