So boet, how often should I change my blades?

Let’s be honest, we have all been there. It’s a Monday morning, you’re still slightly hungover from Saturday’s evening out with the guys and you need to clean yourself up before work. 

Running the warm water in the sink, grabbing your shave cream and razor… only to discover that you are left with one rusty, overworked hair ripper. Cursing that you didn’t subscribe to The Gents Club for a monthly grooming kit, you decide you will have to shave with the old travel bag blades. Sliding on the old slightly rusted blade, rinsing it under some warm water you decide to give shaving a skip for today and head to TheGentsClub to purchase a monthly grooming kit. 

It’s a common struggle amongst guys, with many of us dismily attempting to grow out their beards only to be left being shamed at their Monday morning staff meeting. We get it, beards are in at the moment, but if you’re like me or a couple of the guys who work here at TheGentsClub then you know the struggle of having to shave daily to try and maintain a look other than a 15 year old . With that much shaving going on, it’s tough to know when to change blades. 

Top tips for shaving:

  • A good general rule of thumb is changing your blades every 5-8 shaves but this also depends on how often you shave, those gross travel bag blades are a prime example of this. If you’re noticing rough shaves or frequent knicks it’s also a good sign that it’s time to change blades. 
  • If you’re looking for the best result of your blades regardless of weather it’s the first of the eighth shave, you should also run your blades under some warm water & ensure your face is rinsed well before applying your shave cream. Gently massage a generous amount of your shave cream (If it’s not The Gents Club shave cream… stop reading this and go buy some for yourself, your face will thank you) into your skin. Let the shave cream rest for between 30 and 60 seconds, this will help with softening the skin & hair making for a smoother shave with less irritation and almost no bumps! Shaving with the grain of the hair, rinse your blade often in clean warm water. 
  • Once you’ve got into all of those nooks & crannies, splash your face with cold over, this will help with closing your pores & preventing any dirt from getting into your skin. Apply some aftershave balm to further sooth & moisturize the skin giving you the refreshed look of a well groomed modern man. 

We’re aiming to share more of these little tips and tricks to get your grooming game top notch giving you the confidence to go out and conquer your day! We’re always looking for ideas, so let us know if you have any further questions or comments for the  TheGentsClub.  We’ll choose a winner for a TGC shaving kit valued at R500.00 

If you related to any part of this story, then grab yourself your first Gents Club grooming kit and be sure to sign up for one of our easy monthly grooming plans, delivering high quality grooming products to your doorstep every month! Seeing as you survived reading this far down, we’re giving you an awesome discount of 15% off when you enter the code #Blog15 on your first purchase! T’s & C’s Apply. 

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  • Apply foaming shaving cream
    Shave in the direction your hair grows
    After shaving rinse your face with cold water to reduce inflammation
    Store your razor in a dry area to prevent rust

    Chris Naicker

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