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For too long the South African man has been left with a limited choice when it comes to grooming products. Gents have been forced to battle terrifying shopping malls, fight for parking spots in the South African heat and stand in queues across the country only to discover the the blades you bought don't fit your razor or the grooming products you've purchased don't match your skin type. 

We're here to put an end to that!

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Here's how it all works...  


Create an account with us but don't worry we won’t send you stuff you don’t need to know about, we hate those emails too. 

Choose one of our awesome grooming plans which suits your needs and your pocket. If you want extra products don’t be afraid to add them in, all of our plans are fully customizable!

Set up a simple subscription plan from our friends at PayFast so you don’t have to worry about re-ordering more products each month. 

We’ll need some shipping info to make sure you get your products delivered on time to your doorstep no matter what part of South Africa you’re in. We’ll keep you up to date every step of the way with email and sms updates. Shipping is on us for orders above R400.

Unlike a bad marriage, you are free to leave us whenever. Although we might be a little offended, we understand that sometimes the inner hipster comes out and you need to grow your beard. Simply shoot us an email to cancel your subscription.

If you are going away for a while, need a break or just realize that you don’t shave as often as you thought, you can always adjust the frequency that you receive products. Simply shoot us an email and we’ll update your subscription.

It's as simple as that gents!

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